Become A Co-owner or Shareholders Of Our Company And Make Money for Many Years

Our new social App will be great and spread in all countries like Facebook or Twitter. It will become a million or billion dollars company and you too will become a millionaire or billionaire.

The App name is called Nexnex .

Our app is currently at the playstore and people are using it. You may download to verify.

We are selling 1 share for $0.1 USD. And the minimum amount to invest is $250 USD.

Offer is closing in few days time. We need just few co-owners or shareholders. It is better you pay now.

Your estimated profit below;

For example, if you invested $500 USD, you will get a profit of $1,000 USD by December 2022. By December 2023 your profit shall grow to about $35,000 USD. And when our company has 1 billion users, your profit shall grow to about $9Million USD.

How can I start or invest or pay to join?
To start, simply pay your capital into our *PayPal account* below:


Click this link to pay;
Or send using our email,

*2. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin):
Pay to this bitcoin address below;


*3. Bank Transfer:

Goldelim International Ltd,
Guaranty Trust Bank,
GTbank, 0263673046.
(Nexnex App it's government registration name is Goldelim International Ltd).

After your payment, we shall send a contract document to your email so that you can fill, sign and resend it to us. (Our email:

Our company is registered with the government of Nigeria and Uk. Our Nigeria office is at Abuja and Europe office is in London. At, 160 City Road, Kemp House, London, UK. Registration number is 13080415.

What is the purpose of The App?: Our goal is to create a specific platform where people can promote their talents, gifts and skills in a video format. Secondly, creating an app that could bring major features of WhatsApp, YouTube, Zoom, Facebook, tiktok and Google search into one place. So that people don't need to download many different apps.

Yes you can. The more cash you invest the more shares you'll get at a cheaper rate and the more profit for you.

We share profit to all our shareholders at the end of every financial year, usually in December. We might consider to do that every six 6 months, but it will be optional.

WHAT IS THE TOTAL NUMBER OF SHARES AVAILABLE FOR SALE?We are selling 500,000 shares, 10% of the company.

HOW CAN I KNOW THE PROGRESS OF THE COMPANY? We would send monthly or quarterly update of the progress of the company to all our shareholders. And all the bank statements of the yearly profit shall be made public so that all shareholders can verify. We shall be honest and transparent.

HOW DO YOU GENERATE PROFIT? Among many ways we shall generate profit is through advertisement. Many individuals and companies will place paid adverts on our platforms. This is the major way that Facebook, Twitter and other big-tech social media companies make money.

WHAT IS THE ASSURANCE THAT THIS NOT A SCAM?* We are registered, all our applications are in the public and people are using them. Nexnex company is already a valuable company. More so, honesty and transparency is our guide. We are not running any risky businesses like “forex or bitcoin,” social media platform has a very little risk compared to all forms of businesses. We know that Nexnex company will run for decades, we have the road-map for that.

?PAY NOW TO BECOME A CO-OWNER or SHAREHOLDER. All the payment methods are in this post/document:

The earlier the better!

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